What does Celera mean? Celera means - Speed as in the Speed of Light or Speed of Achievement

About Us

Celera Support Services Limited (Celera) is a company offering bespoke project management, soft FM, catering and hotel services provision for the oil and gas and renewables sectors operating in remote environments worldwide.

We commit our team to work alongside our clients ensuring that projects are effectively mobilised, operated and then set up the structure for the efficient transfer to the next region of operation, where required. We have supported clients in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, West Africa, the United Kingdom and the Mediterranean.

Through our know-how, combined with our diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, Celera ensures the safety, comfort and well-being of people who live and work in some unforgiving environments.

Where we have worked to date


Pointe Noire



Saudi Arabia







Our Approach

Celera’s only objective for success is to become the trusted supplier for our Clients. This allows us to stay firmly focused on our current clients and develop relationships with companies that see value in our services and that we are able to support. 

Our team has considerable experience and proven delivery with regard to the provision of catering and housekeeping services.  Key aspects of our approach are:

  1. We will be dedicated to work as part of your team from day one to the last day of the required delivery and project support.
  2. Our systems and support structure allow our teams to solely concentrate on the quality of service and relationships with Clients’ personnel.
  3. Rates are fixed for 12 months at a time.
  4. All Bond profit on units will be retained on the unit or returned to the Client.

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